Sammie Fleming - The Power Of Woman


Sammie Fleming is a life coach and sacred circle facilitator.  She works with women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or yet to connect with their true feminine power into a life of flow; attuned to their natural rhythms and living in a delicious state of ease and calm.  She is known for her intuitive yet grounded coaching style, guiding her clients back to who they truly are.  Sammie is obsessed with the moon and weaves her passion of feminine and menstrual cycles into her work, allowing her clients to understand, honour and align with their own rhythms.
In this conversation, Sammie speaks about the power of our menstrual cycles and how we can harness our cyclical energies within our cycle. She also discusses the power of circle, why delicious states of spaciousness and ease are so vital to our life; both personally and professionally, and what feminine power really means and looks like, for her.